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Gangreia is a prominent headland located in Notodden, Telemark, Norway. It is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Heddalsvannet, which is one of the largest lakes in Telemark. The headland rises up to a height of approximately 250 meters above the lake and offers spectacular views of the...

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Oued Touknout

Wadi Oued Touknout is a dry riverbed situated in the Illizi province of Algeria. The wadi stretches for approximately 30 kilometers and is surrounded by rocky terrain and sand dunes. During the rainy season, the riverbed may temporarily fill with water, creating a narrow stream that flows...

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Mount Drotohn

Mount Drotohn is a prominent peak located in Nimba County, Liberia. It is the highest mountain in Nimba and one of the tallest in the country, with an elevation of 1,380 meters (4,528 feet) above sea level. The mountain is situated in the Nimba Range, which is part of the West African Shield....

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Agbofi is a stream located in Abidjan, the economic and cultural capital of Côte d'Ivoire. The stream is an important water body that flows through several neighborhoods, serving as a vital resource for both residents and the environment.

Agbofi originates from the surrounding...

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