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Flamingo formation Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
Flamingo formation Credit: mario_ruckh

Springbokfontein is a sprawling farm located in the North-West province of South Africa. Spanning over thousands of hectares, this farm is known for its picturesque landscapes and rich biodiversity. Situated in a rural area, it offers a serene and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The terrain of Springbokfontein is predominantly characterized by vast grasslands and rolling hills, creating a stunning backdrop for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The farm is home to a diverse range of animal species, including springboks, zebras, wildebeests, and various bird species. Visitors can enjoy game drives or guided walks to observe and appreciate the natural beauty and wildlife that this farm has to offer.

In addition to its wildlife, Springbokfontein also boasts an extensive agricultural operation. The farm is primarily used for cattle farming and crop cultivation, with maize and sunflowers being the main crops grown. The fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions in this region contribute to the success of the farm's agricultural endeavors.

Springbokfontein offers accommodation options for tourists and visitors who wish to experience the tranquility and natural splendor of the farm. These accommodations range from rustic cottages to luxurious lodges, providing a comfortable and immersive stay amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Overall, Springbokfontein is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of wildlife, agriculture, and natural beauty. It provides an opportunity to experience the charm of rural South Africa and immerse oneself in the wonders of nature.

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Images are sourced within 20km of lat/long (-26.31667/25.61667).

Flamingo formation Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
Flamingo formation
Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
African Spoonbills Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
African Spoonbills
Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
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Springbokfontein is a farm in North-West, South Africa. It has an elevation of 1366 meters above sea level. Information correct as at Thursday 12th July 2012.

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Springbokfontein is a town in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality in the North West province of South Africa. == References ==


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