Third-order Administrative Division, Al Bayda Governorate


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Dhahibah is a small village located in the Al Bayda Governorate of Yemen. It is situated in the southern part of the country, approximately 200 kilometers southeast of the capital city of Sana'a. The village is surrounded by mountains and hills, which makes it a picturesque location.

The population of Dhahibah is predominantly made up of farmers and shepherds. The village is known for its agricultural products such as wheat, barley, and fruits. The livestock industry is also a major source of income for the locals, as they raise sheep, goats, and camels.

The village has a small market where residents can buy basic necessities such as food, clothing, and household items. The nearest hospital is located in the nearby city of Al Bayda, which is approximately 30 kilometers away.

The climate in Dhahibah is hot and arid, with temperatures reaching up to 40°C in the summer months. The village receives very little rainfall, making it a challenging environment for agriculture.

Overall, Dhahibah is a peaceful and quiet village that offers a glimpse into the rural way of life in Yemen.

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Dhāhibah is a third-order administrative division in Al Bayda Governorate, Yemen. It has an elevation of 1977 meters above sea level. It is also known as Dhahibah, Dhāhibah, dhahbt, ذاهبة. Information correct as at Wednesday 12th March 2014.

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