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Where is American Samoa; Territory of?

American Samoa; Territory of is a territory in , American Samoa. It has a population of 57,881 and an elevation of 759 meters above sea level. It is also known as Ameerika Samoa, American Samoa, Americhka Samoa, Americka Samoa, Americká Samoa, Amerihka Samoa, Amerihká Samoa, Amerika Samoa, Amerika Samoa nutome, Amerika Samoasi, Amerika Samoası, Amerikaans Samoa, Amerikaansch-Samoa, Amerikai Szamoa, Amerikan Samoa, Amerikan Samoasi, Amerikan Samoası, Amerikanike Samoa, Amerikanisch-Samoa, Amerikans'ke Samoa, Amerikansk Samoa, Amerikanska Samoa, Amerikanska Sámoa, Amerikansko Samoa, Amerikanskoe Samoa, Amerikanu Samoa, Amerikar Samoa, Amerikos Samoa, Amerikāņu Samoa, Ameriska Samoa, Amerisku Samoaeyjar, Američka Samoa, Ameriška Samoa, Amerykanskae Samoa, Amerísku Samóaeyjar, Amɛrika Samoa, Bandariska Samoa, Bandaríska Samóa, Eastern Samoa, GJao Somoa thuoc My, Ha'amoa 'Amelika, Haʻamoa ʻAmelika, Samo Meiriceanach, Samoa Americana, Samoa Americanaidd, Samoa Americane, Samoa Americană, Samoa Amerika, Samoa Amerikan, Samoa Amerikana, Samoa Amerykanskie, Samoa Amerykańskie, Samoa americaines, Samoa american, Samoa americana, Samoa amerikanina, Samoa américaines, Samoa wa Ameriki, Samoa ya Ameriki, Samoa ya Marekani, Samoa ye Amelika, Samoa ye Amerika, Samoani ti Orileede Amerika, Samoea ti Amerika, Samowa Ameerika, Samowa Amerik, Samowa Ta Amurka, Samowa amerikani, Samowa nyamerika, Samowa omumerika, Samòa americana, Samó Meiriceánach, Samöa tî Amerîka, Sámóánì ti Orílẹ́ède Àméríkà, amelikan samoa, amerikan samo'a, amerikan samova, amerikana samo'a, amerikana samoya, ameriki samo'a, amerikka camova, amryky samwa, i-American Samoa, mei shu sa mo ya, mi lingsamoa, samwa alamrykyt, samway amryka, xmerikan samaw, Đảo Somoa thuộc Mỹ, Αμερικανική Σαμόα, Американска Самоа, Американско Самоа, Американское Самоа, Американське Самоа, Америчка Самоа, Амерыканскае Самоа, סמואה האמריקנית, امریکی ساموآ, ساموا الأمريكية, ساموای ئەمەریکایی, ساموای امریکا, अमेरिकन सामोआ, अमेरिकी समोआ, আমেরিকান সামোয়া, અમેરીકન સમોઆ, ଆମେରିକାନ୍ ସାମୋଆ, அமெரிக்க சமோவா, అమెరికన్ సమోవా, ಅಮೇರಿಕನ್ ಸಮೋವಾ, അമേരിക്കന്‍ സാമോവ, ඇමරිකානු සැමෝවාව, อเมริกันซามัว, အမေရိကန် စမိုအ, ამერიკული სამოა, የአሜሪካ ሳሞአ, 米領サモア, 美属萨摩亚, 아메리칸 사모아. Information correct as at Wednesday 12th October 2016.

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Taʻū is the largest inhabited island in the Manuʻa Islands and the easternmost volcanic island of the Samoan Islands. Taʻū is part of American Samoa. In...

Lata Mountain

Lata Mountain is the summit of the island of Taʻū in the Manuʻa Islands. The summit of Lata Mountain the highest point in American Samoa.The easiest route...

Tau Airport

Tau Airport (IATA: TAV, FAA LID: HI36) was a privately owned, private-use airport located 1.6 kilometers (0.99 mi) southeast of the village of Ta‘ū on...


Faleāsao is a village in American Samoa. It is located in Manu'a District, on the northern shore of Ta'ū Island. It is divided into two subvillages the...

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Faleāsao County is a county in the Manu'a District in American Samoa. The county is contiguous with its only village, also named Faleasao. == Demographics... ==

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Lumā is a village on the northwest coast of Taʻū Island in American Samoa, south of the village of Taʻū and north of Siʻufaga. The last Tui Manuʻa is buried...

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Taʻū County is a county in the Manu'a District in American Samoa. == Demographics == Ta'u County was first recorded beginning with the 1912 special census...

Tui Manu'a Graves Monument

The Tui Manu'a Graves Monument is a funerary marker and grave site on the island Ta'u, the largest island of the Manu'a group in American Samoa. It is...

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Located within 500m of -14.23377,-169.47767
Olomatimu Crater
Ele: 790
Natural: volcano
Volcano Status: extinct
Lat/Long: -14.2303276/-169.4751538
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