Oued Touknout

Wadi, Illizi


Where is Oued Touknout?

Wadi Oued Touknout is a dry riverbed situated in the Illizi province of Algeria. The wadi stretches for approximately 30 kilometers and is surrounded by rocky terrain and sand dunes. During the rainy season, the riverbed may temporarily fill with water, creating a narrow stream that flows through the valley.

The wadi is home to a variety of desert flora and fauna, including acacia trees, desert foxes, and fennec foxes. The area is also known for its unique geological formations, such as the towering red sandstone cliffs that line the valley.

Despite its remote location, Wadi Oued Touknout has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that the area was once a hub of trade and commerce for ancient Saharan civilizations. Today, the wadi remains an important cultural and historical site, attracting visitors from around the world who come to explore its natural beauty and rich history.

The Illizi province, where Wadi Oued Touknout is located, is known for its extreme temperatures, with summer temperatures often reaching over 40°C. As a result, visitors are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate.

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Oued Touknout is a wadi in Illizi, Algeria. It has an elevation of 1249 meters above sea level. Information correct as at Monday 7th March 2011.

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